Michael Fairfax is a public artist, sculptor and sound artist. For the past 30 years predominantly a public artist but more recently working with sound/music. In 1972 Michael studied ‘Musique Concrete’ in London with Ernest Berk. Later Michael created sound pieces for the Greenham Common Camera Obscura installation and during Year of the Artist a sound installation at Hestercombe House, Somerset. Michael pursued his public art career alongside a period of sound exploration which culminated in him forming an electro-acoustic improv band called Tapes+Ashes featuring Matt Saunders as Salix, Barry Witherden as Meles and Michael as Quercus. that dissolved into Gimlet-Eyed Mariners featuring Barry and Michael, they had their debut album released on the ‘Slightly out of Kilter’ label in January 2012. Michael also plays regular gigs with Saxophonist and improvisor Tim Hill.on his Worlds Unknown events. Michael also plays solo gigs (including the "NoiseFloor Festival' at Staffordshire University in 2012) around the country. He has recently started working on residencies again.
Projects include::
The I-Park Residency in Connecticut USA 2012, a four week residency where he recorded with piezo microphones, a hydrophone and a roland r05 the sounds of the forest, lakes and river. He also created a homemade instrument from the bough of an old oak tree, this he strung with piano wires and piano strings, the wires were held in place with a series of bridges whose positioning was based on the fibonacci scale, He used two bows to play the instrument and put piezo microphones at either end of the instrument, these went to a small mixing desk which had various effects he could bring to the sound. He also made a number of beaters from old piano felts and beech wood to strike the strings. He recorded the instruments in various guises and then mixed the sounds of the instrument with the sounds of nature to create a sound piece of my time at I-Park, there is a short time-lapse video to accompany the sound, this can be viewed on my vimeo site at:


Listen to solo work
I have various cd's available via my email at michaelfairfax(at)eclipse.co.uk
for more of Michael's solo music go to http://soundcloud.com/michael-fairfax or watch live on you tube by going to http://www.youtube.com and type in Michael Fairfax,

Listen to collaborative work:
Tapes+Ashes can be heard either their myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/tapesandashes
Or listen to the Gimlet-Eyed Mariners at http://www.myspace.com/gimleteyedmarinersimprov

Jessica Curry & Michael Fairfax

In 2011 Jessica Curry composer, Jo Fairfax artist and film maker, Welsh National Opera and Myself embarked on a project called ‘Electroclassic’.We were working with the principal players to create a new piece of work that looks into ‘Intellectual Property’ issues. This can be viewed on the blog site http://electroclassic.tumblr.com/. This took the form of Jessica and myself working with an improv and written piece for the Principal Players to play, we looked into the idea of how an improvised piece could have 'Intellectural Property ' and whose that maybe. We obviously ran into allsorts of interesting conflicts as the players are used to practising to produce perfection, which cannot be reproduced with one off playing and for this reason we cannot reproduce any of the music on the web.


Jo Fairfax, Michael Fairfax & Jessica Curry


I produced a graphic score for the first time so that the players could have a map to follow.
The graphic score (below) describes a cycle of creation and destruction, beginning with the birth of the Universe, DUST. Subtle dust and charged energy builds up, breaking into the human presence. Life on earth. Humanity's spirit bursts forth with the human voice, using the words of Walt Whitman (see below). A massive vortex bulids up, the heavens open and the violence of a blackhole absorbs everything -.....d ..u.. s ..t...........